about me picture 2

Name: GG

Age: 20s

About me:
I’m a non-native student living in the south of Sweden. I moved here for love, when I decided to be with my then long term boyfriend after graduating high school. Now I’m single, and making the most of my youth!

About the blog:
I started this blog on a horny impulse on Easter weekend in 2014 when I had way too much time on my hands. I was sexually frustrated and had just discovered the world of tumblr porno and realized that I could vent it out of my system into the internet. Since then I’ve struggled to maintain the blog since I’ve had trouble finding the right blogging platform, and also things got complicated very quickly! Still, it’s been impossible to stop keeping a sex journal and it’s like the stories have a will of their own to come out ‘cause I really can’t get rid of the nagging feeling that I should be blogging. So maybe the third time is the charm! After all there is a certain satisfaction in polishing up my garbled journal notes into something coherent… plus, the benefit of hindsight adds a certain element of introspection that would have been lacking had I continued to write in real time.

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