Afternoon Delight

[27th April 2014]

I go back to my room right after I finish my food— the pytt i panna was good and did not taste like my juices, FYI— and dishes, leaving Ove and Phillip in the kitchen. I really make an effort to get back to my studies, but must admit to failing miserably, as instead I spend the time trying to make sense of what exactly happened in the kitchen. Sure, Ove had just gone down on me in public, which amazes me! I never thought that I’d get to experience something as cool and exciting as that; it’s the sort of thing that Summer will tell about after a weekend of strange sex, not plain boring me.

And he said nothing happened with either girls. But, what does that mean, exactly? What am I supposed to do now? Is the ball even on my court? Is it okay to just go and ask for sex from him? All these questions sort of paralyze my brain. I don’t know what one does in such situations and I really wish that I could talk to someone about it… but I can’t tell Nemi or Summer about it, and I definitely won’t tell X. It’s bloody hard to be bold, and I’m not really prepared for it! I wonder how Nemi and Summer manage to deal with situations like these on a regular basis without turning into the nervous wreck that I’m turning into?!

So, I’m just sitting here, staring at my computer absentmindedly, while my body feels buzzed and my brain alternates between replays what happened in the kitchen and worrisome questions about what I’m supposed to be doing. Regardless, neither constitute studying, so some time later, when I hear a knock on my door, I jump at the chance of having company— a reasonable reason for not studying. I assume that it’s probably Summer coming over to dish out the dirty dirty of her awesome weekend. Hence, I’m rather unprepared to see Ove outside of my door. He is quick to let himself in: in fact, I have not even opened the door properly before he pushes himself through and closes it. We stare at each other for an awkward second, my mind trying to regroup, unable to form a single sound while my chest constricts with nerve-wracking emotion and my spine tingles.

Luckily, Ove has a purpose with his visit, because he doesn’t waste time in backing me against one of my wardrobe doors and bending down to kiss me, his hands press against the doors on either side of my shoulders.

“I have to finish something,” he says as his lips move urgently over mine.


 And damn it if this isn’t romantic! I kind of feel like I’ve stepped into a high school romantic comedy, and at that thought I feel my body turn itself on with such powerful force that I moan involuntarily into his mouth and press myself toward him lifting my arms to put them around his neck. And he does not skip a beat, because in a swift gesture he grabs a hold of them, and pins my wrists above my head with his right hand. I don’t even try to wriggle out: firstly because of I know how strong he is, I mean he has pinned me just like that on many other occasions— a thought which only serves to increase my arousal— and secondly, when I feel his other hand reach under my shirt caressing me as he proceeds to pull it off, it’s crystal clear to me that we’re going to have sex and I don’t want to do anything that might delay this eventuality.

Once my shirt is off, I feel his hand on the back of my neck angling me up to his lips. His hold is not gentle and his whole body seems to loom over me because he’s so tall, but I don’t care. I’m busy trying to unbutton his shirt, next thing I’m aware of are his hands roughly grabbing on to my sweat pants and pushing them down to my thighs. When he can’t pull them down any further, he takes a hold of my ass and pulls it toward him so I feel his erection through his pants. By now I’ve managed on unbutton him, and try to pull the shirt off, but only manage to drag it off his one shoulder. I hug him and press myself closer, my fingers reaching for the soft hairs at the nape of his neck.

He leaves my mouth as starts biting my earlobe and kissing my neck as he lets go off the powerful hold he has on my ass, and I sort of notice that I’m on my tip toes now. His hands roam over my breasts, pinching my nipples and electrifying my whole body. I push myself closer to him, and bite his shoulder as a moan escapes me. Or maybe it’s wasn’t his shoulder, I don’t know but I sink my teeth into some part of him and as a reaction I suddenly feel his hands cup by privates. He finds my mouth again, and wetly bites my lower lip and starts to work the fabric of my underwear into my wet folds with his fingers. I notice that his kisses are clumsy now, saliva smearing outside my lips, something that starts to pull be back to reality despite his fingers.

“Ove,” I say clearly, and somehow, it’s enough. It’s like he reads my mind and he pulls away slowly, his hands grab on to my thighs and he lifts me up only to drop me soon afterwards on the edge of my bed.


“Sorry,” he whispers in a gravelly voice in to my ear, as he leans over me again, pushing me down on to my elbows. He then makes a show of kissing me slowly and properly, trailing my teeth with his tongue and then caressing my lips, careful not to spread wetness outside their contours.

“Look at me,” he commands, and I’m surprised to realize that my eyes are closed! In my mind’s eye, I picture this in such a photorealistic way, only there his eyes are closed too and his skin tone on his cheeks aren’t as pink as they are right now. As I look at him though, I notice that his fantastic blue eyes aren’t so much blue as they are black with a blue ring around the edge. I feel myself shiver and watch him smile slowly, hunger and seduction radiating off his handsome features. God, I am lucky!

He kisses me again, and then pulls my head back to access my neck… Trailing kisses down to my breasts. Then he licks and nibbles on my nipples, making me feel helpless and utterly horny. The wetness of his tongue dips into my navel and then he grabs on to my panties and pulls them off along with my sweats. He doesn’t let go of my legs though: instead he lowers himself to the floor onto his knees, and bends pushes my legs apart, securing them at the knees. I can smell my arousal as he opens me up, and feel a trickle of hot lava escape my cunt and it’s almost as if he can see it, because his muscles clench as he takes a deep breath. He then leans into me and with the tip of his tongue slowly licks all the way from my sensitive opening, up to my clitoris. It feels like a wave of tingles wash over me, I can’t help but moan out loud as my brain lights up like a fucking Christmas tree. I force myself to not let my head roll back; he did ask me to look at him and I want to see his blondish curls, and the eyes that are peeking up at me mischievously. I also want to say something sexy, but I just can’t.

Not when he starts to lick around my opening and then plunging his tongue inside me. He does it slowly at first, then with more purpose. It feels sooo fucking good. Every plunge makes me hotter and wetter, and somehow my clitoris starts to throb impatiently. Eventually though, Ove shifts a little and closes his mouth around my entrance, while he somehow makes something grazes the tip of my clit, jolting me to a new level of neediness. Because my brain is so cloudy with arousal, it takes me a few minutes to realize that it’s his nose rubbing my nub, while he fucks me with his tongue. My legs have long ago gone limp, Ove’s arms being the only thing keeping them in position. I feel like I’m doing some strenuous exercise keeping myself up on my elbows. And I can’t believe the sounds coming out of my mouth! Whimpering gasps that to my ears sound nothing like anything sexy, but his machinations feel so powerfully good that I can’t seem to make any other sound.


Eventually he licks his way up to my clit, slowly I feel him let go of my left leg placing it over his shoulder and soon his finger massages my opening, and I just whimper louder when another unbelievable sensation shoots up my spine, directly into some pleasure centre up in the brain. My walls clench around his finger as he inserts it. He licks my clit harder when his finger is all the way in, and then starts to thrust firmly, massaging me from the inside. At this point, I fall onto to the bed, I have no strength left to do anything but feel pleasure and want more. And each lick and thrust brings me closer to an orgasm, my legs start to tremble involuntarily from all the tension. Oh, my fucking god! head has never felt so good before!

I hardly notice him draping my other leg over his shoulder, but do feel a powerful near orgasmic ripple when his fingers pinch the tip of my right nipple. All I know is that I need him to do it again so I can fucking come.

“Don’t stop, please!” I manage to begging out loud, desperately anticipating the next delicious stinging current, lick and thrust that would throw me over. I’m amazed to find out that inside my body there is a string that connects by nipples to my clit.

But then nothing happens. Not a pinch, not a lick, and in fact he pulls his finger out of me!

“No!” I groan frustrated. “Please!” Nothing. Only a small chuckle that gives goose bumps and triggers a trickle of doubt. Is he making fun of me?

I turn my head to look down at him; he’s stood up and is shrugging the unbuttoned shirt off. Then he pulls a condom from the back pocket of his jeans… I breathe a sigh of relief, and continue to watch him through my lashes as he pulls down his pants and underwear. My pussy clenches instinctively when his hard cock is released from its confines. It hangs strong and thick, and I moan at the sight causing him to let out a small laugh again. I eye his face, wavy hair messily falling over his bright eyes as he licks his boyishly sexy lips, his chin slick with my juices. Watch him stroke his hard-on a couple of times before he rolls the condom on skilfully unhurried. It is so erotic that my walls continue to quiver, as if his cock was already inside me but for the pleasure. I groan again and lift my legs open in invitation, my heels impatiently digging into the space between the mattress and the bedframe. I don’t even care to think about how it looks… any hint of shame that I should be feeling are immediately tucked away, smothered in the back of my mind by the vision of his thick cock and the sound of him graveling out my name. The latter is a testament to the fact that he isn’t in as much control as he wants me to believe he is, and it gives me a deep sense of satisfaction.


His next actions are stark contrast to his previous machinations: urgent and mission oriented. Grabbing a hold of my wantonly open legs he levers me up slightly from the bed, settling himself on his knees between them. Then his hands snake up the back of my thighs, groping my ass and then grabbing my hips, manoeuvring my legs around him so that his throbbing cock rests on my pelvis. He then reaches for my tits, bending over to lick and suck each one into his mouth. One of his hands inconspicuously makes its way between our bodies, and he starts to lightly stroke my clit with his thumb. My reaction is instantaneous: I arch my back, only just remembering to try to look sexy as I do it only to forget about the optics when feels far too good. I’m so, so close to coming, and I don’t know what I’m doing anymore, my whole body is flooded with lust and I can hardly breathe; all I want is to come all over his thrusting cock. All I want is the world is to be fucked, deeply out of this torture.

 He decides to spread my legs wide apart, moving so that his cock’s head slowly follows the slippery path into my folds, grazing my now hypersensitive clitoris and pushing lightly against my quim.

“Yes,” I manage to whisper followed by a “please!”  That. Is. It. Such a relief to be filled with cock again! Fuck, I can hardly wait! Apparently neither can he since his next thrust is punishing, as it hits my vagina’s ceiling in one go. I stiffen, which he must have noticed because he doesn’t go on after withdrawing a little. I gaze at him, though my lashes… he is so incredibly sexy and powerful sitting on his knees like that. His six pack on display, while his powerful arms are at my hips ready to guide me. His blondish public hair mingling with my dark curls. The best part is his face, of course, his expression concentrated now, eyes hooded, breath coming in deep intervals, his neck cording a little.

I take a deep breath and start to gyrate my hips a little, luxuriating in the feel his hot rod unmoving inside me. Despite that painful first thrust, feeling his large penis was inside me, ready to fuck me to completion turns me on beyond belief. I start to move it out of me, intending on fucking him myself, seeing as he isn’t moving. But his hands still my hips, and he withdraws slowly, and then enters me with calm controlled strokes, incrementally pumping that heady feeling up. I try to match his movements as much as I can under his firm grip by pressing my hand against the wall for more power. I relish the way his cock fills me up every time, the way it slides inside hot and caressingly until every inch of it is in me and voice my pleasure in drawn out sobs. As his thrusts become more assertive, his moans and breathy sighs turn guttural. I watch his eyes open wide, brilliant and enraptured. His fingers were now digging into my hips painfully, and arousingly— making me aware of how strong and therefore sexy he is. His rhythm quickens as he pumps himself into me; his cock grows harder and then gives a strong recoil inside as he comes. My god! It feels amazing thinking of cum splashed all over my cunt! I beg him to fuck me more, but he pauses instead to momentarily catch his breath, his cock still inside me twitching every time I flex my walls.


“Do me more,” I breathe out again suddenly feeling coy, and he eyes me with a warning expression, like I’ve been a bed girl.

Inside me, his cock starts to feel less like an immovable pole, but nice and titillating. Like it has expanded into every hidden cell, tingling the nerves around my entrance. Then his gaze shifts and a most interesting expression takes over his face. I am so curious that I even forget the fact that he’s come, and that I still hadn’t so disappointment never even enters my mind. He shifts slowly, pulling my ass onto his legs a little, sort of “locking” his cock inside me to keep it from coming out. Then he starts to gyrate his hips assertively. Fuck! My whole body moans in delight. It’s like every inch of cunt in contact with his cock is a g-spot. And feels like nothing I have ever experienced before, and each time he moves, I almost come. Almost. I start to grind myself harder against him, rolling my head back to arch myself higher, calling out his name. In the fog of ecstasy in my head, I hear a deep sexy rumble and then I register his fingers pulling and pinching at my nipples, tugging at the string of nerves that somehow manage to stimulate my clit harder. I moan harder, grind harder, flare harder.

“Ove! Yes! Oh God, don’t stop!” I sort of hear myself say, crying in despair. He releases the hold he has on my right hip, since at his point I’m doing fine anchoring myself to him, and I feel this thumb give a feather-light caress on my exposed clit. I cry harder as I feel my whole body start to quicker, starting at my core, where his dick is still filling me up. I clench, and the feeling of his cock there electrifies the nerves on my entrance. Another feather light touch, and I feel every bit of his length inside me, warm and thick!

“Oh, fuck! Fuck me!” I utter surprising myself, and am almost a bit afraid that he’ll stop for my language. Peeking at him tentatively, I see his eyes wide with lust— leering like I’m his feast; lips thin, the tip of his pink tongue peeping lightly between his teeth. God, I just can’t even! He is so fucking gorgeous, and he’s looking at me like that— another feather light thumb stroke stokes the fires on my sweet torture – this strong angel is into me! Me! Enjoying me with such abandon that he cannot help his moans, while he displays his sexy veiny neck and flexes his shoulders and arms, working me with his cock and everything else in his power for me to come. Another thumb stroke and my quivering body automatically reacts to that thought and the awareness of his cock stuffed inside me, making me quicker harder. His cock tightens inside and just I break:


“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me, please! Please!” I sob as he slowly unleashes the orgasm upon me. It washes over me over and over, again and again for what feels like an eternity. And I unashamedly and wantonly arch and beg for more and claw at his arms and curse his name until all my strength leaves me and I just crumble onto the bed into a whimpering mess, my skin hypersensitive.

He pulls out and lies tiredly and breathless on top of me. Eventually, I felt his lips touch my ear…

“Du är så vacker. Du är så vacker. Så vacker… jag vill ha mer…” he whispers headily and incoherently. [You’re so beautiful; I want more] His words tug powerfully at my heart, penetrating it so hard that it actually feels painful, and yet I’m filled with an indescribable sense of wellbeing. When he says it like that, I believe him without a doubt and actually feel truly beautiful.

“You’re manly,” I manage to tell him digging my fingers through his silky tousled hair, because he was… with his words and touch. I feel his cock twitch slightly against my leg at my words, and hear him laugh with pleasure and pride. He rolls himself off me carefully, and lies beside me, smoothing out some damp hair that’s stuck to my forehead. Then he grabs my face, turning it toward him and says:

“I’m gonna do this again” in a heavy Swedish accent.  My smile is instantaneous and the pleasure I feel inside probably radiates off my face. He kisses me lightly and trails more kisses down my neck, nuzzles the v of the shoulders and breathes in deeply, letting out a long moan as he traces my curves down to thighs and then proceeds to caress the inside of my thighs, cupping my mound, and tracing up my belly to have his hand settle firmly on my left breast.

“I have to go…” he sighs but doesn’t move. Instead, he remains there, still, massaging my breast. I’m silent, tired, sated, without much strength to make conversation. I can’t really be bothered with trying to convince him to go. I just want to be, and maybe take a short nap. When I think that ten minutes has gone, I rally and I shove him lightly. He needs to go since he’s going to meet up with friends. Even though it is really nice to lie there with him, I don’t feel the need to hog him.

“Ove, you have to get up,” I said softly but firmly. And he does, languidly as if he were peeling himself from me, like a reluctant and painful bandage. I remain in bed and watch him dress. None of us feels the need to say anything more, all we needed to say and hear has already been said: This was going to happen again.

I take a small nap, and don’t even notice him leave. When I awake, I think back on what happened… without him there with me, I feel rather embarrassed if not mildly humiliated at my blatant display of lust and vulnerability. I wonder what he thinks of me, because I am sort of shocked with myself. Eventually, though I do get up and get some hard-core studying done to stop myself from thinking about what we’d done.

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