I Just Sex

[25th April 2014]

Ok, yesterday’s post was quite long… but it was a special night for me, so don’t fault me for giving it special treatment. 😉

Despite Ove’s clock radio whinny ass shrieks, we don’t wake up at 8. We sleep in for another two hours, and when do I wake up I feel rested and at ease. It’s nice, being spooned by him, enveloped by bed sheets imprinted with his intoxicatingly sexy scent. I feel like I unlocked a video game achievement to be honest. I’m right where I want to be, and it feels good.

Nevertheless, I don’t spend too much congratulating myself because Ove’s spooning me! His rock hard Kung-Fu body is skin to skin with mine, and that isn’t something a red blooded girl can easily ignore. Especially not when morning wood poking at her back.

It occurs to me then that while our nightly activities might’ve unlocked that achievement badge, in my hurry to do the unlocking I failed to savor it properly. We didn’t have any lights on, so I didn’t even see the cock that pleasured me so well. I didn’t even get to see how Ove looks when he’s in the “throes of passion”. And I need to see what that is like!

Needless to say, I don’t need more than that erection poking against my back to get aroused. To be sure, it feels like I’m always aroused these days, though. So I reach for the cheeky cock, and caress it like a good little minx that wants another fuck should: grind and stroke. Ove reacts immediately by kissing my shoulders. I’m a bit surprised to find him awake! But of course he is, I should have known from the way his hand is cupping at my breast.

“Good morning,” he says, smiling into my shoulder, finding my nipple with the pad of his finger. “Sleep well?”

I look over my shoulder, ‘cause I want to see what he looks like in the morning. “Yes, and now I’m ready for seconds! And your little friend agrees with me!”

Mistake, I realize it only a second too late! He pinches my nipple and runs his palm over my belly and hips before he moves to lie on his back. “Buzzkill.” He mutters audibly, borrowing my speechism.

I turn around to face him, resting on my left elbow, and take in his gorgeous morning face. He is a vision with his messed up blond hair falling into his eyes. And those straight thin lips smiling at the corners. I could just gobble him up— with my vagina! Zing! — but I just lean in to kiss him. And he responds by digging his sexy hands into the nape of my head. It is a long, soft and mushy kiss, just to appease him. When it is done I go back to leaning over him, smiling, calculating when it will be okay for me to look at his penis.


“You’re so beautiful,” he says. I smile sarcastically by reflex, and he insists. “Really! Your body is gorgeous, and your face is just so wonderful to look at when it’s like that.”

“Well, you’re handsome too.” I say. I mean my bedhead sometimes looks cool, but I can’t really imagine how my morning face could look beautiful. It always needs at least a cold wash and moisturizer for the skin to tighten and for bags for flatten.

“I know,” he teases and plays with a lock of my hair. The mood is very romantic and comfortable, so I lay my head on his chest, and breathe in.

“You smell so good…”

“So do you.” We lie still for a while. From where my head is, I can see his cock… it is mostly hard, its little “eye” smiling at me. It is big, no doubt about it… I have only ever seen one real life cock before though, and I thought that one was reasonably big, but Ove’s is bigger. I hear Ove’s heartbeat quicken slightly, and notice his arm move to caress my hips, before he gives me a light push, wanting me to be on my back. I roll to my back, and he follows, lying on his side, his left leg hooking mine, and spreading it a little. Then his palm hovers over my “lawn” before he dips his middle finger into my folds. It’s a quick thing, touching my clit and finding my opening before retracting it languidly. His finger glistens with my juices, and I watch him bring it into his mouth and suck on it leisurely.

OMFG! I’m not sure if it’s of embarrassment or arousal or just sheer surprise but my heart skips a beat and then goes into high voltage. My private parts rev up and think I hear my body start to hum! The shiver that shoots through my whole body, leaves my nipples tingling with arousal wanting his rough finger pads and occasional pinches.

“You taste good too.” I die! My state of arousal is indescribable, and incapacitating. Ove sure knows what he’s doing, for someone who has only been in one long term relationship— On the other hand, he has been in a handful of short term ones… so by definition he is for sure more experienced than I am.

“You look so adorable now,” he whispers, with a cocky glint in his eyes, as he brings his finger back into my lady garden and starts to finger me lightly. I close my eyes and just go with it. The feeling is so good, so warm and slippery even though he isn’t spot on with his caresses. It’s sexy, and he makes me feel sexy. The whole thing is a sexy cake with double sexy frosting, and I’m experiencing the equivalent of a diabetic shock of sexy. My body wiggles to the tune of his movements, and all I can do is whimper and whisper “please”. Through the haze of pleasure, I eventually decide to pull myself together and put a stop to his machinations.


I get on my knees and straddle him, and place myself so that the base of his penis is in the midst of all my slipperiness, and “dry” hump him a little. He responds by moving his hips up and down, bouncing me lightly. That hits the spot for me… I want more of feeling his hard dick rub against my pussy.

“Your breasts bounce so perfectly,” he says. I can’t help but feel myself brush. His comments are so specific that it throws me off. I mean, of course I’ve heard X tell me that I’m so hot and sexy and pretty etc while having sex. But never that my breasts were perfect, or that I tasted good.

I set about inspecting his joystick. It is probably the best looking penis in town… too bad Summer hasn’t had a chance to meet it. It’s big and thick, with veins protruding lightly out of the skin. But most importantly is the way it stands when it’s fully erect, straight and proud at an angle. It doesn’t just lay there despite gravity. Although, from where I’m sitting, I can’t help but marvel at the fact that Ove is in possession much a monster, because he is so lean that it almost looks disproportionate, like it is too big for him. However, that’s not at all a turn off… I guess society and its obsession with big dicks has done its job on me, because I’m thoroughly impressed by its size and girth and am ready to fuck it.

“Your penis is perfect,” I give back at last, looking at him looking back at me with that hazy sexy glaze in his blue eyes. “What shall we call it?”

“Please don’t give it a name,” he answers laughing, reaching for my breasts, massaging them softly. “If you name it, then I’ll have to name your breasts.”

“Fine, I won’t,” I promise, inwardly cringing at the idea of him christening my boobs. I lean forward and kiss him as seductively I as possibly can, caressing his tongue with mine and sucking at his under lip while I try to smoothly grab a condom from the bunch that are scattered on the nightstand. We kiss for some time, his lips leaving mine to explore my ear lope and neck, while his massive hands prod at my lady parts over my ass. I feel his cock twitch from time to time as it’s pinned between us. It’s amazing! I can’t even describe how hot and bothered I am. Sitting up again, I open the rectangular package—seriously, the rfsu condoms are always a pain in the ass to open, I don’t understand why condoms in Sweden don’t come in square foil packaging like in other countries— and give him a bit of a hand job, and find that the base of his cock and balls are rather moist from all our activity. I roll it onto his cock. All the while I watch his eyes flicker, and feel his body tense with expectation. He grabs my thighs hard, moans huskily and looks so unbelievably fuckable that I just can’t stand it anymore… I need him inside me!


I grab a hold of his cock and slowly guide it inside me, enjoying how the tip pushes against my opening before it fully enters me and caressing and stimulating every nerve right inside. Oh God! The pleasure I feel is exquisite! It simultaneously soothes me and fans the fires of desire. I feel my walls hug the warm hardness that I’ve been craving as he tunnels into me; it takes all of my willpower not to just start rocking up and down, making me hiss pleasurably imagining him balls deep inside me. The fact, however, is that he can’t… he is too big and I can’t sit up straight and take all of him in, as it feels like his cock hits some ceiling and even this light poking is slightly painful, so I lean on his chest and let him slowly push the last bit of cock in with gentle delectable thrusts. God! I sigh and moan out loud and claw as every thrust builds up erotic tension. The friction sends pleasurable fireworks up my spine from my quim as it feels so fucking full and hot. My unpracticed cunt has stretched to accommodate all of him and I start to gyrate my hips carefully, so as to not I hurt myself… he thrusts and it’s really does feel like I have a big rod inside me, it’s impossible not to be overly aware of how it stimulates to my innermost depts. When he retreats I feel empty and desperate to be stuffed full with cock again. And the more I feel its stiffness, the hornier it makes me until the feeling of wanting to ride it like one of those mechanical bulls because too irresistible. I want more, so pick up my pace and push myself up to a 45 degree angle, my hands digging into his chest, full on twerking his cock.

He makes a deep throaty sound— that makes my body ripple in response, almost setting me off— and starts to gloriously knead my ass to my rhythm. The high and my need feel so intense I can’t think! The only comprehensible thing my brain can put together is: fucking Ove’s cock! That fragment is a mantra in my head, each time it’s repeated in my head, my pussy twitches and tingles me closer to an orgasm and making me even hornier. I’m fucking his hard cock and he’s letting me play with it like it’s a toy and it feels so fucking good! I keep on riding him, progressively increasing my speed taking his stuffing. Ove’s hands leave my ass for my breasts again. He gropes them lightly at first, but as our need intensifies he massages harder and pinches at my nipples in the most a delicious way. Every time he does it, I almost come! I’m so close for a longest time, begging out loud and straining my muscles solely focused on finding the caress that will bring me over the edge…


“God, GG! Don’t stop!” He manages to call out, voice strained, his face looking like he’s doing hard labour. I don’t stop and when he says that, I fuck him a little harder, so much so that I start to feel a burn in my legs. His right hand leaves my breast and settles on my privates, cupping my mound, his fingers graze my clit irregularly. I moan loudly, and give it all I have, trying to feel his finger on my clit again. Instead his cock erupts in several waves, and he breathes out a low guttural groan. It feels so fucking good that it’s like my spine is a power line, and I don’t even have mind to think anymore, I’m so close I just keep on working to get there! His touches become more regular, and I just want it more and more, until the orgasm washes over me in a quick wave. It’s a bit anticlimactic, considering the buildup and I have to remove Ove’s hand from my slit almost immediately after since everything down there suddenly turnes uncomfortably sensitive.

I just fall on him, and we lie like that for a long time first resting mutely, the quietly chatting, before I get up and leave: I have to get ready to have lunch with a friend from my course, before my classes start for the day. 🙂

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