[11th April 2014]

Lately, Ove and I have been hanging out in his room alone, playing video games and just talking. For about three weeks now I’ve been button smashing through video battles against Ove like 3-4 time a week! When it’s not Monday or Thursday, we end up playing for an hour or so later on in the evening, before going to bed. I think that when we started doing this we used to try and find excuses, like for example when he one evening asked me if I could proof read an English text that he was writing for one of his extracurricular thing since I’m a native speaker and all; it was a two page thing that took less than ten minutes to check through. When I was done, we just continued talking and he switched on Tekken for us to play. Then, there’s the time he said he’d forfeit his Reach Game promise of revenge for my April Fool’s prank if I could beat him at Tekken— we did out of three, then of five rounds and I still lost. And let’s just say that I totally fapped to memories of the revenge he exacted upon me.

Although my prank was totally worth it: I put green food coloring in all his liquid dairy products… milk, cream, yogurt, crème fraiche; just enough to make it blandly green, like it went bad. Gosh, it was so much fun seeing his face when in the morning he threw out his yogurt because he thought it was bad, then when he was making dinner he was horrified to find that cream had been contaminated too! He thought that was something wrong with the fridge, and started asking the people he shares fridge with to check their milk. It’s too bad, I started giggling too much when he persuaded Hampus to check if his milk was okay!

However, for the past few times at around 10 pm or so Ove pops into the common room to get a small snack that indicates that he’s done studying, and if I’m sitting alone he just straight out asks me if I want to go to his room and go a few rounds. As for me, even before these nighttime escapades started, if I wasn’t busy, you’d be sure to find me in the common room in the evenings. I’m either watching TV or preparing for eventual tutorials I might have the next day… I mean, I admit it, I’m a nosy busybody and the common room is a strategic place to find out about all that’s going on with my peeps. Plus, I study better among people or with the TV in the background. But these days I consciously make sure to always be there, just in case— I know it’s pathetic!— and so far I haven’t been disappointed.

Sometimes, though, I’m not alone when Ove does his 10 o’clock routine. I find these days are rather disappointing because it is rather stupid and awkward to ditch the person I’m hanging out with to go to Ove’s room, no matter how much I want to. So when that happens, he just stays for a small chat and then goes away.


Somehow there is a vibe of illicitness around us hanging out, despite the fact we don’t actually do anything out of the ordinary in his room. It just like the pre-dinner hang outs: he leaves his door ajar, we play Tekken, we talk. But it’s like the 4-5 hour difference from early evening to late evening hang out turns a casual hang to something worthy of gossip. And the fact is that we were immediately instinctively aware of this possibility from the beginning, I guess that’s why we bothered with excuses at first. I mean I never need an excuse to hang out in Summer’s room at night, when we actually do one particular illicit thing before we head back to the common room to watch Planet Earth.

Okay, so that is not exactly the whole truth… about us not doing anything out of the ordinary in his room, I mean. We’ve managed to move the Reach Games from the kitchen and into the bedroom, and the punishments from pranks to wrestling and tickling. We didn’t do that when we used to play video games in the kitchen, and we certainly don’t do that when others are around in Ove’s room. But when we’re it’s just the two of us, it happens a lot… like after every round! Especially if we play at night. And these, uh, altercations last longer than the Tekken round itself!

It started with me finally having a winning streak of several rounds against Ove— Eddie is totally my man! I decided to celebrate this by taking some masking tape, taping it to his bookshelf and writing:

“GG beats Ove at his own game! LELZ!”

When he finally was bothered to come and check what I wrote, he started to try and grab the pen to strike it and/or add something else to the message. A struggle ensued, we wrestled, and of course ultimately Ove won because is taller, stronger and does kung-fu.

That was just the first time; since then, we’ve wrestled over and over again, almost every time we hang out alone together. A round ends, one of us reaches for the tape or pen, the other one does everything to prevent a message from being written. Childishly obvious stuff, I know. Even third graders have been known to be more sophisticated! And my precarious defense of the part I play in this is that I usually don’t start the escalation… Aside from the first time, it’s not often I initiate a Reach Game 2.0 round, but the fact is that once it’s on I don’t ever put a stop to it. Instead, I retaliate with pleasure and anticipation of where I might take us.

The whole thing is a major turn on, since we constantly invade each other’s personal spaces. It’s so sexy to see and feel how controlled his movements are; how he fluidly pins my hands behind me without even hurting me. And then his arms are around my waist, and my body against his, and we’re so close that I can actually inhale his scent. And as I try to wriggle out of his hold, I feel his muscles at work, flexing, keeping me in place. It’s so incredibly hot!!! This is the stuff that fuels a few rather satisfying dreams when I sleep, so how could I stop?


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