[27th March 2014]

Since we lost the PlayStation, the common room became slightly quieter while the food is in the oven cooking. So we somehow migrated to Ove’s room to play video games… I’m not sure why, it’s not even the closest room to common room with a PlayStation. Maybe it’s because he constantly leaves his door open? I’m guessing we got invited…? Regardless, for a while now, it’s been the general consensus that Ove’s room is the most comfortable room. The air there is always pleasantly cool, and I smells like a fresh and sporty shower gel… kinda manly and sporty. I’ve personally always really liked that smell, but today when I’m there, I have to admit to being secretly turned on by it; I was thinking that I totally want to bang him there.

Ove has been pretty cool about this invasion of his privacy. He even started to play music and subjecting us to stuff like AC/DC and these Swedish bands— Mando Diao and The Sounds— while we’re there having it out by means of Tekken.

We’ve gone there to chill before food a couple or three times now, and it’s nice. While we’re playing we have little heart to hearts about what’s going on in our lives. Summer and Ove have the most dramatic emotional lives, since both are stuck in between the wheel of one night stands and the desire to want to commit to a relationship.

Summer’s troubles originate from her on again/ off again sexual relationship with Emil, who, to be honest is a bit of an oddball. He’s a year or two older than us, and studies in Lund but lives here since he is “sub-letting” his cousin’s room who is now living with his girlfriend. I like him, but he’s the opposite of chill, since he’s super stressed about his economics studies doing all this extracurricular stuff to get a good job… so often he’s a bit of a stick in the mud. A very handsome blond, blue eyed stick in the mud with young Skargårdian features. So it’s not surprising that Summer is totally into him; on looks alone, he is her dream Swedish guy. But he is too stressed out about his studies to make the relationship work. So Summer is doing what she can to stop being hung up on him, which is to try and meet as many hot guys as she can.


Ove is in a somewhat similar position: he has started to feel like he wants to be in a long term relationship. Says he’s tired of the on again/ off again dance he has experienced with four different girls since uni started. And he has found two perfect candidates for the position of girlfriend, but can’t decide which one he should go all in on. At the moment is number one seems to be Sofia, though. I’ve told him that I find his approach to love rather clinical, since it seems like the girls he is sexually attracted to are not relationship material to him. If he really was into either of these girls the choice would be clear, but he’s trying to force something that isn’t there just because those girls check his idealized list. It’s weird for me to hear his confessions, and give advice or opinions lately since I feel like there is chemistry between us, and I secretly want to have sex with him. I’m not jealous of Elin and Sofia, but it’s difficult to feel impartial when I want dibs on that cock… To be perfectly honest, his feelings piss me off, somehow I find his “dispassionately reasoned” relationship approach distasteful.

Nemi and I don’t seem to have any obvious relationship troubles. Nemi is newly in love and she can’t help but gush about her Aqua di Gio Guy. Sometimes she’ll describe a bedroom disconnect that she’s been thinking about, like whether it is too soon to do get fancy lingerie to seduce him with; or discuss juicy stuff like the fact he feels like it’s his duty to finger her clit while they’re doing it instead of letting her finger her own clit & and stuff like that— let’s just say that Nemi wants to be in control! It’s adorable how she gets so girlishly giddy like that, when usually she’s the most pragmatic out of all of us about relationships. I mean she isn’t calculating like Ove, she just is very aware that it’s hard to meet a great guy and that a lasting relationship will come out of it, but in her pursuit of a mate she’s rather passionate.

And me? I usually blabber on about mundane stuff, being less than truthfull about me feelings… like how it’s been so long since X and I have gone on a romantic date just the two of us. Usually we either hang out here in the student residence, or at gatherings with friends. For a while now, we haven’t done anything as a couple. But even as I voice this observation, deep own I feel fine with the situation the way it is. It feels right somehow… I’m not sure I want to do coupley things with X anymore, I just feel rather stuck.

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