My Console

[17th March 2014]


Our floor is in slight mourning… we lost our common room PlayStation! Someone came to claim it!

Us “new” people who just moved in this year thought the PlayStation was part of the common room furnishings, provided by the landlord. So half of us were really surprised when we walked into the common room to find the PlayStation gone. The other half was like, “oh yeah! It’s Johanna’s; she used to live here!”

This is such a typically Swedish occurrence! Like, how do you forget your PlayStation in the student residence for like 7 to 8 months??? And when you realize that you left it in the student residence, how do you feel that it’s natural for you go back to get it, instead of treating it as a lost asset?! I’m not criticizing the situation, mind you, this is mainly a good thing and part of the reason why I really want to live here— I swear, if this was anywhere else, that PlayStation would have been gone a long time ago, not patiently waiting for its owner to come back for it. But forgetting something for so long, could hint to a certain disregard for the value of things and an irresponsible character. On the other hand, it was generous of her to share the PlayStation with everyone in the first place, and the implicit honesty of people for not stealing is also commendable.

So yeah, that was a bummer. And cooking was weird today… oddly quiet. We even raised a glass today in memory of the PlayStation.

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