Hot Stuff

[7th April 2014]

This is my first time seeing a real life guy with a six pack!

I’m knocking on Ove’s door because the food is ready and Vrej is starting to get annoyed that he’s late. So I knock, and then wait for a good long while for him to answer. I’m about to give up and go tell everyone that we should start without him, when his door suddenly swings open.

His hair is damp, and he is bare-chested. I just can’t stop staring. My mouth goes dry and I feel like it’s a long time before I dare to speak. I’m so focused on trying to sound normal when I open my mouth that I have no control over the words the come out of it:

“You have a six-pack! I’ve never seen someone with a six pack before!”

I watch him laugh good-naturedly while I’m mentally kicking myself.

“You can touch it if you want,” he says and I almost die right there on the spot. I stare at this deadpan face with obvious incredulity written all over my face, so he added, “I’m serious.”

My body tenses up and locks itself and I can’t move, while my mind is reeling. I just can’t think of a comeback, let alone anything else. Eventually I manage to finally do what I’d come here to do:

“The food is done now. Everyone is already waiting, and Nemi is hangry.”

“One second, I’ll put on a shirt. I don’t want you to confuse me with dinner!” he joked.

I needed tons of metaphorical aloe vera to soothe that burn! And I am testy with him during the dinner and the rest of the night, although he keeps taking my jabs with an amused glint in his eyes. I don’t stay in the common room for very long, I still feel the sting from earlier… but I also feel like having some alone time to think. I’m such a lemon for nothing doing anything! Already, I’m wondering about what would’ve happened if I’d touched that smooth sculpted chest? There is no denying that he looked incredibly good, and at this point I have to have him… it feels like it’s within my grasp somehow and I just feel like there is something going on— argh!

One thing is for sure: I’ll never forget that moment. I just wish I would have dared to stroke that washboard.

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