We Are Family

[2nd February 2014]

I love living in my student residence! We hang out, we cook and eat together and we’re tolerant of each other’s faults so that any conflicts get sorted in an informal friendly manner. And it’s been great living here, especially during Christmas season since we went all in with Christmas spirit! We got a tree, decorations and every Sunday we lit advent candles every Sunday. Every day we got up early to watch the morning Christmas calendar show and breakfast and then each of us had an advent calendar that we opened every morning after the show was over. It was a super cozy time, even X and Hampus’ girlfriend— us being the only people in relationships— were a little envious of how awesome and cheesy our floor was. We baked and built a gingerbread house on Gingerbread Day, made Saffron Buns for Lucia, and had an early Christmas buffet on Thursday before everyone went home for Christmas.

Since most of us were back by Twelfth Night, so we had a mixed culture festivities were we did secret Santa, since we didn’t do that for Christmas, but we called it Secret Magi and had to get small presents for three different people. I went full on traditional and got Jonas and Emil each a shaving stand gift set with Frankincense and Myrrh shaving soap and lotion, and for Summer a pair of cute gold earrings. And I got a set of scented candle and hand cream from Cecilia, a Nessie tea-strainer from Vrej, and from Phillip a Magic 8 ball (which everyone loves, by the way! I think the corridor has sort of appropriated it now… since everyone keeps wanting to use it, it’s place is in the common room). I got us a Galette des Rois before boarding at the airport, and Vrej ended up getting the fève. And on the eve St. Knut’s Day, which was a Sunday we did packed away the Christmas tree and decorations and decided to go ahead and have a collective winter cleaning followed by a delicious fika.

Now we’re starting a new cycle of scheduled hangouts that a bound to be fun, since it’s the start of Melodifestivalen. It’s a fabulously gay version of the X Factor, where Swedish artist compete to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest.

We still have regular Monday floor dinners, and usually some of us— notably me, Summer, Ove and Jonas— ted to hang around and help out whoever is doing the cooking. It’s a cozy practice since we have the radio going I the background, and when there is some down time while the food is cooking we play Tekken or some other button mashing video game on the common room console. Like I said, it’s really cool to live here!

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