No, No, No

[3rd April 2014]

Ove’s “whatever he is doing” continues. Only now he doesn’t seem to care whether it’s in front of people. I’m confused… I wonder what his end game is?

Nemi and I went out shopping this afternoon, she wanted to get a new top for a party we’re going to tomorrow and I’m always down for going into town and looking at some shoes. The shopping experience didn’t really go as we planned. I don’t really get this about girls, I’ve only gone shopping with girl friends a handful of times before, but if they want to try on something they always force you to also get something to try on too!

Anyway, when we come home we find Summer, Ove, Jonas and Phillip there, hanging out. We pop in to say hi before we go in to put away our purchases. Summer asks about what we’d bought, seeing as Nemi has a few bags with her. She lists the fun jeans she found as well as a dress and some scented candles and tea from Indiska.

“I was going to get that H&M top we saw the other day, but ended up not buying it because we both tried it on and it looked okay on me, but then GG tried it on and it look so much better on her! I had to force her to buy it,” she explains.

“Cool, I want to see it!” Ove exclaims, looking at me, “Go on, try it on and show us!”

At first I wonder if I heard it right. But then I see how Nina and Summer exchange looks… like that conspiratorial “I’m witnessing something juicy we have to discuss later” look! So I know I didn’t hear it wrong. I feel myself get all warm inside, and my instinct is to oblige him. I feel like I want to show myself to him, and I want him think I’m sexy and to want me. But that silent girl exchange stops my racing mind in its tracks. I shouldn’t make a fool of myself…

“Ha ha, no,” I say sarcastically, with finality in my voice. “It’s a fucking shirt, not a see through bikini.”

I have to admit that I do love the top, it shows my cleavage to a great advantage, and gives me that lovely hour glass silhouette. You betcha I’d be wearing that top the first opportunity that I got. And I’d make sure Ove saw it when I do wear it. It’s not fair that he’d got me feeling like this, without me trying to get revenge. Since he wants to see me being sexy, I will tease him with it. Just not in front of the girls… I mean, the other day Nemi teased me about Ove and me, and that’s not okay.

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