Red Dress

[30th March 2014]

It happened again… Ove’s intriguingly inappropriate compliments.

Summer and Jonas both know a people who live two floors down in our building, which is how our whole floor got invited to the house party they’re throwing to celebrate the end of exam week. Since our whole floor was coming, we even got invited to join them on their tour des chambres! By tour des chambres, we of course, mean a drinking tour… although this one comes with a slight twist to make it extra fun: we’re supposed to collaborate with the person with the matching downstairs room about the drinks.

Each downstairs neighbour chooses the liquor for the drinks, we the upstairs people pick the chaser. We decided that we’d put our choices into a bowl and each pick random one for extra kicks. Me and the downstairs neighbour are making something called the Brahma Bull, i.e. like a Jäger bomb but with gin instead and as a mixed cocktail on the rocks… which it kinda sounds bad, but not as bad as mixing mintu and ginger ale, just sayin’. The lucky bastards were the two who got vodka, I happen to believe that vodka goes with any chaser— they’re doing watermelon jello shots. Yum! Just by the way it’s starting, you know it’s going to be a crazy night!

The people downstairs were going to have dinner first, and we’re supposed to join them at around 9:30-10 o’clock for the tour des chambres. So earlier I figured I had time to have dinner with X and some friends before heading home to get ready for the party. When I eventually get home, I have to rush a bit to doll myself up a little. Despite my hurrying, and judging from the texts that I get from Summer, Nemi and the others, I’m already running late to join everyone downstairs.

I decide to wear something easy and comfortable, so I leave my room in a cute red dress that I recently ordered from ASOS, and a cardigan to cover my arms since it’s still a little nippy outside. I leave the two top buttons undone, so as to “party up” the look a little by emphasising my boobs a little since the dress does not have a decolletage. I mean, I’m not going there to pull anyway, so it’s not like I need to wow anybody but do I need that little extra pizzazz to make me feel like it’s a party I’m going to.

As I’m leaving my room, Ove comes out of his. We nod at each other, silently acknowledging relief that neither of us is the only one that is late. I lock my room, and we start down the corridor when Ove does it again:

“You look like a naughty teacher!” he goes cheekily.

I pause for a moment… I feel shivers before anything else even registers. A flashback of how he manhandled me yesterday runs through my head. Argh! My sexless love life is turning me pathetic. Finally, I swallow and choke out:

“How d’you figure?”

I know, not particularly witty or clever. It’s the kind of answer you give when a comment gets to you, and his comment totally did, so…


“Well, the pulled back hair, glasses, cardigan, and pleated skirt and stuff,” he explains and then goes on rather amused, “You know, like a strict teacher that about to spank a bad, bad student.”

“Urgh! Seriously? Perv!” I say as I realise that I was supposed to have let my hair down. So, I pull out the hairband and sort of fluff up the roots of my hair to give it some body. Then I say, trying to sound unaffected: “Do I look normal now?”

“Hmm, now you look like a naughty teacher who is about to submit to a well-deserved spanking!”

Jesus! It’s like my spine has been hit by lightning. I decide that it’s best to start walking and not answer, there is no way I’m going to come out on the upper hand of this banter.

“I wonder who the headmaster is? Though X doesn’t seem to be the type of guy capable of punishing you properly,” he goes on following behind me.

That is it!

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” I retort trying to play along. X and I have dabbled in some light bondage play when we were still having sex, and to be sure being dominant didn’t seem to come naturally to him. However, that’s beside the point.

“It’s not like you should be passing judgements though,” I say as lightheartedly as I possibly can. My heart rate is up, and my body feels awkwardly tingly in stupid places. “You’re unlikely to be delivering any sort of kinky punishments either the way I’ve heard you moon about your two crushes! You’ll be the slave tied to be bed while they’ll be dishing out the hot wax.”

Ove laughs as he follows me down the stairs. “Yes, but I would be happy as their slave. I was right the first time: you’re the strict teacher. Doesn’t matter if you let your hair down.”

I turn around and play punch his leg. “You looking to get punished?”

“No, proffessor!” he replies dramatically, after I hear him swallow. Ha!

We’re down two floors and I’m ringing their bell, right before we get accosted by loud people ushering us into the party. The third floor people are already slightly tipsy from the beers they had with dinner. While I get in and start talking to my room counterpart I notice my mood turn flirty while I begrudgingly know that it’s due to the shit Ove said just before. As the night goes on, I don’t really end up interacting with him very much, but snippets of our banter replay in my head, and somehow I feel rather sexy. I mean, shit, I must I’ve been ‘cause sex is the first thing his thoughts went to when he saw me, right?

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