Mutha Ucker

[9th September 2013]

It seems to me that Universities in Sweden don’t have campuses a la those in American college movies. They’ve built clusters of different types of student housing in different neighbourhoods where normal people live, and likewise, the different faculties are located in different parts of town just like any other business or organization. So students, like the locals have to bike/take the bus to Uni, which I think is really cool ‘cause I like feeling like I actually live here.

Now, my room! Is it a dorm? A studio? I don’t know, but I know that I love my room! … And my hall for that matter. After having visited some of my friends who went on to Uni in the UK directly after graduating, I was so surprised at how awesome my room was! And the rent isn’t bad for all that en-suite-ness (forgive the pun)! I love this country and I’m never leaving! 😛

I live with 9 other people in a student residence hall where we share this huge common kitchen and TV room! I’d say that it’s rather fancy and well-kept for a student hall, on the other hand our floor manager, Cecilia, is a real stickler for keeping things clean so that might explain it— I haven’t seen what the other floors look like. Anyway, even the kitchen cupboards have been divided among all the residents, so that when we move in each room has a cupboard assigned to it!

Well, the funny thing is that I’m quite short while Ove, my neighbour across the hall, is really tall. So we had a laugh when we realized that I was assigned the top and he the bottom cupboard! We then decided to make a trade, however since our cupboards are rather small compared to everyone else’s we get to share the top-most cupboard, which I can’t even reach without standing on a chair. This is how the “Reach Games” came into being.

I come home from class and am trying to find a tasty snack to have with my cuppa tea, when I find that all the things that are on the top-most cupboard have been pushed all the way to the very back. Even standing on the chair, I can hardly reach them. Since no one is in the kitchen with me, I decide to stand on the kitchen island counter that is next to the cupboard and get my stuff. By chance I find a roll of freezer tape up there in the back, and instantly a revenge plot comes to mind… Because I know who did it.

I proceed to change the places of the things he stores on his side of the topmost cupboard with the things he was in his other one and then organise them in order of height, making sure the bulkier things like cereal, sugar and flour block of the oil, cans, plastic wrap etc. Then I make use of the freezer tape, to send leave message on Ove’s cupboard door:
“I know it was you. It’s on, Mutha Ucker!”

From then on it never stopped being on. Ove of course saw fit to retaliate, and from time to time we engage in this stupid game and keep score by writing trash talk on the freezer tape. All in good fun, of course.


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