I Want Candy

[26 March 2014]

Ove really scored a home run in my books today. Really!

I have been working on a so called “home exam”, which is really a series of essays questions I have to answer for a course within three days. The questions were released on Monday, and since then my life has revolved around them. We’re supposed to hand it in today at midnight at the latest, but as I was telling Summer at breakfast today, I wanted to finished with it by like 7:45 pm— in time to go down to the local store to get myself a celebratory Kit Kat bar. Since I’ve been sitting with the home exam ad nauseam these past two days, when I woke up today, I had like minus five motivation to get started. I felt myself wanting procrastinate, but I still had two more exam questions to write before I was ready to hand it in: the two hardest questions, by the way! So to stop myself from just giving in to the “fuck it! I’ll just hand in what I have and skip those two questions”- feeling and risk not quite passing I decided I should treat myself to something really nice. I mean, I’d told Summer that I was going buy a Kit Kat, but really in my mind I was picturing a bunch of them, dipped in milk.

Anyway, so I work all day. But I end up not being able to make the deadline, since I only finish and hand the thing in at like 9:30 pm. At this point my brain is turned to mush, my shoulders are stiff, hair a mess and I’m pretty sure my sweaty armpits were perfuming my general personal space. Not a pretty picture, but I decide to drag my feel down to the kitchen so I to at least make myself a sandwich or eat some leftovers, since I’d not had anything to eat since lunch.

I end up eating some leftover chicken wok on toast for dinner and having a cuppa tea to decompress. Nemi is there too, having just arrived from working out, also having dinner: her super boring diet food of steamed white meat and vegetables with rice. I’m washing my dinner dishes when Summer, Ove and Phillip join us in the common room for a random hang out. They ask about how my exam went today, and I tell them I’ve just finished, but that I’m a bit bummed out that I couldn’t meet my deadline so I never did go down to the corner shop to get myself some candy.

It’s when I sit down on the couch for some banter and TV zapping that something delightfully unexpected lands on my lap. I don’t actually realize that Ove saunters over to his cupboard, takes out packet of Kinder Maxi bars and throws them at my lap until they’re there.

“Well done on finishing!” he says like it’s nothing, “But I was pretty sure you weren’t gonna be done before the store closed, so I got you these on my way home today.”

God I’m so happy! Kinder Maxi aren’t exactly Kit Kats dipped in milk, but they’re still up there among my favourite candy bars! Just the thought that Ove overheard what I said to Summer, remembered it and bought me candy just in case… I hadn’t even realized he was there in the kitchen this us this morning (such was my shitty mood)! It was just the sweetest thing that someone could have possibly done for me today.  And his way of giving it… it was a darn sexy move! Imagine if X would’ve done the same thing!

Needless to say I thanked him, and decided to share the candy with everyone there so as to not be rude. And since I suddenly came alive from feeling that familiar post exam freedom and late night sugar, I was in no mood to tuck in early or go back into my room for that matter. Hence a while later, when people started to head off to bed, I convinced Ove to play a couple rounds of Tekken with me on his PlayStation before I finally when back chez moi.

Although it kind of hit me that this isn’t the first time something like this happens, sure this topped all the other times Ove randomly did nice things for me but still… I never quite realized that he does single me out when for example, he’ll always clean my favourite tea cup if it happens to be dirty when making tea. Or, like, he’ll put the olives that are supposed to go into the salad on the side because he knows I don’t like them contaminating the other veggies… and other stuff simple, yet thoughtful stuff like that. As opposed to X, who most times forgets that I hate olives! It’s really hard not to catch some feels when that comparison crystallises in one’s head, right?

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