Blue Jeans

[22 March 2014]

As a girl who has a lot of guy friends, I’ve been the go to girl for fashion advice when a guy wants to impress someone they are into. I’ve gone shopping with them and even picked out outfits. So it shouldn’t feel strange to have Ove come knocking on my door to ask for advice about what shirt to wear, especially since he is getting ready for a night out where he is expecting to meet a girl he is into

But somehow it feels different… I mean a few days ago we were out shopping for something as intimate as perfume! It feels like somehow we are close friends, but it’s an odd friendship; last weekend was the first time I hung out with him outside of the residence. Yet it feels like we have a lot of heart to heart discussions and know a lot of private things about each other. I don’t know, it just feels weird— schizophrenic or like unreal somehow.

Ove has discussed his dating situation at length with me and Nemi. He’s been in a string on short term hook-ups since school started, as he’s gone from being the guy on the nerd end of the spectrum in his backward neck of the woods to an above averagely attractive guy among strangers in a new city. But he’s been been telling us about how he’s kinda tired of hooking up. Apparently, he found two perfect girls what he’d like to have serious relationships with, one who is in his course (Elin*) and one he met doing some extracurricular activity or other (Sofia*). For some reason I have a hard time understanding the fact that he’s into two girls at the same time… His feelings seem rather calculated than genuine.

Anyway, so he came around today wanting to know what I thought about his shirt— his shirt was fine. It was an ironed grey shirt— and if I liked the belt he chose, i.e. if it went well with his jeans— it was also fine. It wasn’t like I advised with him anything, he just came to seek validation. I mean what was I supposed to say? I didn’t even get to see his other shirts. So him coming to me for some sort of approval feels weird, I mean we’re close mates, but it’s artificial somehow… I don’t know…

Speaking of Ove’s jeans, though: he is the type of guy who wears jeans to everything. Like, I’ve never seen him in any other type of trousers. He also has a penchant for belts, I’ve noticed that he has a wide variety of different types of buckles. They’re not weird belt buckles like Howard from The Big Bang Theory, but more like Booth’s from Bones.

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