What a Feeling

[11 March 2014]

So, I’m hanging out in the common room sofa, as I always do, about to watch TV. I had just sat myself down and made myself comfortable, when I notice that in my excitement to start watching the newest Castle episode, I left my glass of milk that was supposed to go with my cookies on the counter.

Like any other seasoned couch potato, for me the inertia of getting up is so overpowering that I am sitting there having an inner debate of where it is worth it to go back for the milk or just be satisfied with the cookies. Feeling whimsical, just before I’m about to get up, I figure why not try to telepathically move the glass over to me Sheldon Cooper style just in case it works (he, you never know).

As I’m doing this Ove and Jonas* walk in, they take the whole thing in and start laughing. Then Ove says in Swedish in between laughs:

“You’re so damned cute! I’ll get it for you!” and just walks to the counter island to get me my glass.

I instantly feel a certain warmth spread through my heart. I don’t know, but I think it’s his comments that sort of surprises the hell out of me… I feel like I’m being cosseted. It’s sweet, because people don’t often call me cute— weird? Yes. Funny (and not the “ha-ha” kind)? Definitely! But cute? Not so much.

Then again If I would have asked Jonas to get me something, he would probably also oblige, but I don’t for a second think that he would have gotten me the glass on his own… well, maybe he would do it for Summer since he’s totally crushing on her.

The fact that Ove is so cool with unabashedly saying and doing nice things like that in front of Jonas gives me extra feels. It’s like he doesn’t care about what Jonas will say… despite the fact that there is a lot of lighthearted teasing about how Hampus*, who has a girlfriend, is “totally whipped”.

Although, Ove is the classical big brother type, he does have a little sister which he seems to really spoil. So I know that he can be unashamedly nice, but for the first time I become aware that I have sort of, to a minor degree joined that rank. It’s like we’re becoming closer friends, which makes me happy.

Anyway, I thank him graciously for the milk, and instead of watching my show I decide to socialize with them instead, and I even offer to share the remainder of my choc chip cookies— the ones that were still in my cupboard, not the warm ones on my plate.

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